About Us

The NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) is a national high performance sport institute based in Sydney Olympic Park.

The NSWIS provides world class facilities, services and sport programs that support Australian athletes to become world's best.

Operations officially commenced in 1996 and today the Institute has over 500 high performance athletes on squad or individual scholarships, with scholarships offered over a diverse range of sporting disciplines.

The NSWIS offers a comprehensive spectrum of support services to athletes in their home environment, enabling them to pursue their sporting careers with minimal disruption to their family, education and employment.

These decentralised services are complemented by the NSWIS facility. The purpose built facility provides a base for our internationally recognised sport programs, offering a central location, and access to the full range of NSWIS services, for many of Australia’s Olympians and Paralympians, our world class coaches, and the next generation of sporting talent.

The Institute’s Principal Partner is ClubsNSW, who provides over $1 million a year in sponsorship support. 2015 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the NSWIS/ClubsNSW partnership.

Our Purpose

Supporting Australian athletes to become world's best

Our Values

Excellence, Ethics, Accountability, Team Work, Social Responsibility