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Are you interested in pursuing a career as a firefighter and/or in rescue services?

The attached has been developed and provided to the AIS by Fire Rescue Victoria who within their ranks have a group of ‘career’ firefighters passionate about helping people learn more about the process and steps to getting started in the occupation as a ‘firefighter’ coming from diverse experience and backgrounds.

Whilst each state has a different Fire and Rescue service provider there are many commonalities and the attached general brochure should capture and answer some of your questions.

Need a deeper dive?

If you are interested in taking a deeper dive in an online Virtual Session including Q&A talking with experts in this field, learning what types of career pathways exist in fire and rescue, how athletes can build skills now to support their application, this can be arranged in the final week of January 2021.

Keeping in mind intakes as a fire fighter will vary from state to state and may take several attempts so a good time to engage athletes for those considering this as a ‘possible’ future career pathway.

To register interest complete this EOI form no later than Thursday 17 December:

  1. Your interest in attending
  2. Anything specific you would like covered

Session will be 45-50 mins in duration.

Download the brochure for more info

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