NSWIS Athlete Advisory Group – Expressions of Interests

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NSWIS is calling on athlete delegates to lend their voice to the Athlete Advisory Group (AAG) or the Sport Delegate Group (SDG) and represent the views of their NSWIS teammates.  

NSWIS is seeking representatives from the following sports programs:

  • Rowing 
  • Triathlon 
  • Women’s Hockey 
  • Women’s Water Polo

What is the AAG and the SDG? 

The AAG was created to help provide all of our Team NSWIS athletes with a say, and to ultimately help guide the decision making here at NSWIS. Therefore, the AAG is integral as it serves as a direct link between athletes like yourself and the NSWIS management team and the Board.  The SDG supports the AAG by providing recommendations and feedback. 

Each sport program has a designated AAG or SDG member to ensure equal representation across Team NSWIS, and we encourage all athletes to liaise with and provide honest and open feedback or recommendations to that you believe could assist with NSWIS operations and strengthen the Team NSWIS culture.

In a snapshot, the role of the AAG member is to:  

  • Represent the views of NSWIS athletes and provide feedback and recommendations to the NSWIS Executive and Board where required  
  • Support athlete development within their sporting and non-sporting careers  
  • Identify support gaps for NSWIS athletes  
  • Increase NSWIS engagement with athletes and across the various sport programs

 The current AAG representatives can be found here 

Why should you get involved? 

  • By being an active member of the AAG/SDG, you will be given the opportunity to make a real contribution to how NSWIS operates, improving the services we offer and impacting the experience for athletes not only on scholarship now, but into the future as well.  
  • It is an excellent development opportunity, providing a chance to build valuable experience for career after sport and you will be provided with a letter thanking you for your contribution at the end of your serving term.  
  • Terms exist for two years, with the option to extend for an additional two (maximum four-year term) with the approval of the NSWIS CEO and Board.  

 What does being an AAG member involve? 

  • The AAG will meet at least three times per year and accommodations can be made for those travelling for their sporting commitments (i.e., joining via Microsoft Teams).  
  • The Group will be made up of six to eight athletes with a maximum of one athlete per sport. Every NSWIS sport will be assigned a representative known as their delegate (SDG) so that every NSWIS athlete has a clear path to expressing their views.  
  • The AAG member will be encouraged to stay connected with their respective SDG members, so that they can come to the meeting prepared to represent both views. The SDG may also be asked to attend the AAG in place of the AAG member if/where the AAG member may not be able to attend themselves.  
  • Part of the meetings will discuss topics raised by NSWIS, with other time set aside to discuss issues raised by the athletes themselves.  
  • Conclusions and discussion points from the meetings will be reported to the NSWIS management and Board.

How to get involved? 

Expressions of interest should be emailed to: sarah.dileo@nswis.com.au 

In your expression, please include a response with no more than 100 words to outline why you feel you would be a good contributor to the AAG / SDG and why you should be considered to represent your sport program athlete cohort.  

Please note we will be seeking to fill four AAG member roles. The natural progression for SDG members is to fulfill the respective AAG roles when a term may be ending (subject to agreement).  

The deadline for expressions of interest is 5pm, 11 May 2023.  

To be eligible for consideration you must be of 18 years of age or above at the time of applying.  

If you have any questions, please contact your relevant Sport Coordinator, or talk to your Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement Advisor.

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