NSWIS Athlete Careers Week Job Application Exercise

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During this year’s National Careers Week the NSWIS AW&E team are approaching things a little different. 

In partnership with the NSWIS People & Culture team we are asking NSWIS athletes to apply for one of four fictional roles. These roles are only being used to help athletes experience a real recruitment process and to provide you the opportunity to practice the core skills required to get a job. 

You may not be interested in these types of roles, you may be studying something different to these roles or you may not even know what these roles do but we encourage you to still apply. The intent is to practice applying for a job, writing an effective cover letter, and to learn interview techniques and strategies so you stand out from other people when you do apply for a real job. 

While our team will provide you with real feedback and share tips to ensure you are career-ready, we are awarding incentives for those that apply. We have also partnered with Athlete2Business to provide the successful applicants the chance to further develop their skills and potentially find real work in their chosen industry. 


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 All applicants will receive a $50 Mizuno voucher. 

Two successful applications will advance to the interview stage for each role and be offered $800 in Career and Education reimbursements. 

The applicant deemed by the panel to have interviewed the best will receive $1,200 in Career and Education reimbursements and further support with Athlete2business to find a real job in your industry. 

To Apply

 To apply please send your cover letter and CV to awe@nswis.com.au. 

Please ensure your cover letter addresses the essential criteria in the position description. 

The team at NSWIS look forward to seeing your applications. 

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*Please note this is a job application exercise for NSWIS athletes only. The jobs are fictitious and not actually available.

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