NSW Institute of Sport diver Declan Stacey made the switch from gymnastics to diving after a successful junior athletic career.

Stacey has gone on to win several international medals, including FINA World Cup and Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medals in the synchronized events.

What role has the NSWIS played in your success?

NSWIS has massively helped with strength and conditioning facilities, recovery, massage, physio and medical help, and financial assistance. NSWIS helps diving massively and we’re so fortunate to have it!

How do you find your Strength Within?

Finding God changed my life. Christianity is a massive part of my life and Jesus gives me daily perspective and strength to train unto him, to be focused and compete at my best. I have an incredible support network too.

What has been your proudest moment in your sport?

I changed from gymnastics to diving 18 months ago. I was a junior commonwealth champion at gymnastics, and seeing the Aussie flag go up was a super proud moment. However, there’s only more to come with diving now.

What is the worst thing about being an elite athlete?

Probably putting your body under constant stress! Injuries suck and there’s a lot more training you need to do behind the scenes to work on injury prevention and rehab.

What is the best thing about being an elite athlete?

Every day I train I get a buzz flowing through my body. The highs and lows are all part of the amazing journey of being an athlete, but the everyday joy I get from putting my body in amazing positions and performing amazing things is special.