Greta Hayes is a hockey player who competed for Australia in the Junior World Cup in 2016 in which they won a bronze medal.

What role has the NSWIS played in your success?

NSWIS has provided an elite training environment for me to develop and learn new skills over the past four years

How do you find your Strength Within?

I ensure I never get on a plane on my way to a competition without knowing I have put in 100% in my preparation, and have done everything I can to compete at my best

What has been your proudest moment in your sport?

Stepping out at the first game of the Junior World Cup and lining up beside my team to sing the Australian national anthem

What is the worst thing about being an elite athlete?

Never having an exact plan for the next few months; there are always events that pop up last minute, and the uncertainty of whether or not you will be selected

What is the best thing about being an elite athlete?

The people you meet, the places you go, and the constant challenge of pushing yourself to be the best you can be