Sami Kennedy-Sim stepped onto the podium of a World Cup event for the first time in her career in 2017, with a silver medal in the ski cross at Idre Fjall in Sweden. On two previous occasions in her career Kennedy-Sim had made it into the final four of a World Cup, but both times finished just outside the medals.

What role has the NSWIS played in your success?

NSWIS has provided me supportive, high performance services including Strength and Conditioning, Daily Training Environment access and Personal Excellence during my career

How do you find your Strength Within?

When training or life on the road gets tough, I think back to the hours of hard work that I have put into ‘bettering myself’… the countless time and effort my coaches, support staff and family have contributed to my career. I create a warm, positive feeling to pull me through the times that make me question everything.

What has been your proudest moment in your sport?

Reaching the podium was definitely a great day- but actually receiving my first NSWIS scholarship was a proud day. Knowing I was properly on my way to becoming a world class athlete.

What is the worst thing about being an elite athlete?

The financial insecurity is pretty tough - balancing this is tough too. Managing work, training and social life can be a challenge but with the right people around you, anything is possible!

What is the best thing about being an elite athlete?

Being surrounded with strong, ambitious and successful people. You are constantly in the presence with people who are aiming to better themselves and looking to make positive changes to their lives… and the travel is pretty good too!