Tiffany Thomas-Kane OAM won a gold and three bronze medals in the swimming pool at the Rio Paralympics in 2016. Thomas-Kane also received the Order of Australia in 2017 for her outstanding achievement at the age of just 15.

What role has the NSWIS played in your success?

They have helped getting me where I want to go – in particular helping out with fitness and health

How do you find your Strength Within?

My strength within comes from the lifestyle of competing and having the support from friends and family to get where I want to go. I also find my strength within by racing and always trying to be the best.

What has been your proudest moment in your sport?

My proudest moment was definitely winning gold at the Paralympic games. I had been my dream my whole life and it finally came true.

What is the worst thing about being an elite athlete?

The pressure of feeling I have to perform well

What is the best thing about being an elite athlete?

Getting support from other elite athletes, making new friends and competing all over the world