NSWIS Awards – Vote now for the 7News Spirit of Sport Award

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The 7News Spirit of Sport Award acknowledges NSWIS athletes, coaches and staff who have demonstrated the ‘spirit of sport’ over the past year. This includes acts of great sportsmanship, generosity or selflessness in connection with a sporting endeavour.

This will be the first time in the history of the NSWIS Awards in which the public get a chance to vote for their winner.

We have selected four of the best moments from the past 12 months which embody the spirit of sport, and have put together short videos on each.

You can vote for your favourite, and the winner will be announced at the 2018 NSWIS Awards on 15th November.





Joany is such a trouper with a great outlook on life.

Denise perrine

Chris Gieger you are one amazing person I still can’t thank you enough for being able to watch you and Mel compete at the Paralympics and to see how much care you took in looking after Mel when she was ill you are one amazing person .That interview at the Paralympics in South Korea still brings tears to my eyes


Christian Geiger puts the human in humanity. Having overcome many difficulties in his own life he still manages to put the wellbeing of others first . He’s a lovely guy , good ,honest , caring, fun and above all has the ability to laugh at himself and make those around him feel good about themselves.He inspires those who meet him to be the best they can. A truly remarkable young man.

Solien van Biljon

Joany is the most inspiring person that I have ever met. All over the globe she is praised, respected as admired for her views on life. She has the ability to connect with people on all levels of the spectrum, able and disable, old and young and is loved by everyone that crossed her path.
We all love you to the moon and back.


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Joany, you’ll know that she embodies sportsmanship as she is one of the most caring and hardworking people I know of!


There isn’t much that can’t be said about Joany. I have watched her grow through so many things in the past few years. She has always been outstanding at showing the spirit of her sport. Always encouraging her team and everyone around her to do their best and showing them support.
When it came to last years games even know it had its heart ache I have never been so proud. Through times of struggle and injury the first thing Joany wanted to do was be there supporting her team in any way possible. She will be always be spotted cheering the loudest, saying hello to everyone and making sure they know they are loved and appreciated. She will drop anything if you need something. She will show you no matter the obstacle or challenge you are faced with you can rise above it. This girl is a friend to many, her light shines and is very contagious, you can’t help to laugh or smile with her. She makes you feel loved and cared for. She is very special that’s for sure and has touched many lives. I am lucky to be one of them.

Go Joanie! I had the absolute pleasure to spend an evening in your glorious company and was so inspired and impressed by your positivity and wish you all the best.


A dauntless young woman. Disappointment after disappointment, injury upon injury, but her spirit still unbroken. That’s what makes champions. And, despite her own awful predicament,she stayed the course to cheer on her teammates. Well done Joany. You’re a Champ already ! ! !

Ron Perrine

Christian Geiger in my eyes is one amazing human being. I cannot thank him enough for paying for my wife my son and myself to watch them compete at the paralympics in south korea. As we had never seen our daughter compete and to see them medal was one amazing experience I will always be grateful to Chri for

Paul Thompson

All worthy winners.

Go Joanie, the Southern Sports Academy is right behind you! You are an amazing, inspirational person that deserves everything good you receive.

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