The NSW Institute of Sport’s ‘Campaign Tokyo’ initiative was designed to support athletes and staff in the lead-up to the Games.  

Athletes, coaches and support staff from Team NSWIS will head to the Games, and we’ll be following them every step of the way. Hear from our inspiring experts and athletes on their journey.  

Athlete Interviews

Melissa Wu

Sam Fricker

Bendere Oboya - Athletics

Rohan Browning - Athletics

Dani Stevens - Athletics

Nicola McDermott - Athletics

Jaime Ryan - Sailing

Lucien Delfour - Canoe Slalom

Lisa Darmanin & Jason Waterhouse

Experts off to the Games

Kevin Thompson

Tamara Martens

Dale Chapman

Paula Peralta

Sally Walker

Kate Mahony

Chava Sobrino

NSWIS supported athletes selected for Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams

Interviews with Olympian/Paralympian staff & coaches

What it takes to be a Paralympian

Inside the athlete village

NSWIS diving coaches

The Opening Ceremony

What it takes to be an Olympian