15 minute full body workout for beginners at home

Posted on July 15, 2021 by

Useful for those who have had minimal exposure to regular exercise programs and are after some direction to help build healthy habits and kick start their fitness goals.

The 15-minute routine focuses on a number of key movement patterns which allow for an overall increase in full body strength and cardiovascular fitness.

High Performance at Home aims to help everyday Australians maintain their physical and mental wellbeing at home.

As the nation becomes increasingly isolated in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19, NSWIS staff are drawing on their expertise to create resources applicable to the wider community, with a range of content to be shared across social media, as well as being available at nswis.com.au/highperformanceathome.


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Peter Hamer

Hi, very clear instructions and well sequenced to take out bordom and confrontation of too much for too long. Manageable for me anyway. Many thanks.

Janet Keller

I needed to modify a few exercises as I dont have male strength plus I am 69yrs old. I found burpees too difficult. Is there a way to modify it until I have greater strength?
I hope with practive i will build up to doing most of them and increase number of repeats.

Janet Keller

I checked out the Active Ageing site – nothing useful there. Most of their programs are not up and running yet just”coming soon”.
I have found some other more useful sites and youtube clips and put together my own programs now.


How many weeks should be spent on this program before progressing to the 30-minute full body workout – banded edition?

    Hi James, thanks for getting in touch. It’s suggested to be doing this session consistently for 2-3 weeks before progressing to the “30-minute full body workout – banded edition”. Cheers!

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