5 ways to be mentally fit for your return to sport

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As things are slowly getting back to a ‘new normal’, on many people’s minds is returning to the sport that they love.

Along with the excitement of starting to train again it’s common to experience feelings of apprehension and nervousness. These feelings may be associated with such thoughts as:

“Will I be fit enough?”
“Will I be at the same level that I was before isolation?”
“What will training look like?”
“Will these restrictions have any impact on my growth and gains in my sport?”
“Will I be ready for competition?”

If you’re feeling a little nervous about returning to your sport, here are five simple tips to help you transition back smoothly.


1. Find out from your coach or manager what the training environment will look like

Where will you train? With who? How many can train? How many times a week do you have access to the facility? What will the phases look like? Are there any restrictions like no scrimmaging? etc.



2. Get some clarity now from your coach about strength and conditioning expectations

What are the expectations when you return?


3. Find out what your competition schedule looks like when it is available

You season may be compressed, be patient with this information as this may take the sport some time to produce it


4. Identify how you can make your return to sport successful with the restrictions present

Remember most people are in the same boat


5. Once you have all this information than write a list of what you need to focus on to be in the best form to return to sport

Choose three priority areas from your list to focus on and set some goals around these.

Develop an action plan to nail these goals, by asking yourself “What are you going to do now to achieve the goals you have set?”

Make sure you remember to track you progress each week to check for gains or to identify adjustments that you may need to make

By implementing the suggestions above it’s hoped you’ll ensure a smoother transition back into your sport, prioritising your mental and physical wellbeing.


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