NSWIS Experts Inspire Regional Coaches

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The Executive and experts from NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) attended the ground breaking pre-elite coach development conference on the Central Coast last Friday 7 May as part of a joint investment from NSWIS and the Office of Sport.   

The conference included a series of panel sessions involving highly accredited national and international high performance experts who imparted their expert knowledge and learnings to the ever eager and hungry to learn coaches from Academies located across the State.  

These included NSWIS CEO Kevin Thompson, Olympic silver medallist Nicola McDermott, High Performance Sport Advisor Brad McGee and NSWIS experts Dietician Sally Walker, Strength and Conditioning Coach Spencer Goggin and Cycling Coach Sean Eadie.  

“The 2022 Regional Academies of Sport (RASi) Coaches Conference was an overwhelming success, bringing together the state’s best coaches and providing the opportunity to reignite after COVID-19,” NSWIS CEO Kevin Thompson said.   

“NSWIS was proud to invest in the opportunity, alongside the Office of Sport, to create a platform to further educate, collaborate and celebrate the achievements of regional coaches.” 

NSWIS experts Dietician Sally Walker, Strength and Conditioning Coach Spencer Goggin and Cycling Coach Sean Eadie led the first panel of the day.  

They reflected on how planning can be incorporated into Regional Academy Level, how our coaches should facilitate the process of program planning and what the expectations are when they receive athletes from the Regional Academies.  

Nicola McDermott and her coach Matt Horsnell provided insight as to how athletes can best respond to coaches. Together they reviewed communication and challenges in the athlete / coach relationship and how to develop a lifelong partnership. 

In the afternoon Brad McGee summarised the key learnings from the conference and helped coaches identify how they could apply these learnings into their own environment. 

“Coach development and regional planning are critical in developing the next generation of world’s best athletes ahead of Brisbane 2032, and I look forward to more opportunities to continue develop these pathways,” NSWIS CEO Kevin Thompson concluded.  

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