Diary of an analyst – Leading up to competition match day

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Understanding what it’s like working in a high performance environment such as the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) could assist you in formulating your own plan for how to improve your team’s performance.

One of the disciplines NSWIS sports have access to is performance analysis, where analysts monitor and develop the skills and performance of athletes and coaches.

Before we reach the excitement of game day, there are several considerations an analyst thinks about in order to be best prepared.


In the weeks leading up to game day

  • Plan with coaches the KPI’s which will be used to assess performance
  • Design and develop coding windows to capture key events
  • Venue scouting (viewing angle, power, shelter etc)
  • Test all equipment is working as expected (camera, tripod, adapters, accessories etc)

The night before the big game

  • Team meeting (including discussions on team tactics/playing style, selection)
  • Video meeting (playlist of key highlights shown to players)
  • Ensure equipment is fully charged and packed
  • Check weather (have appropriate measures in place if inclement)
  • Double check game time, arrival schedule (may have to arrive separate from team to ensure adequate setup time)




On game day

A typical match day routine our expert Performance Analysis team encounters on a regular basis at benchmark events looks a little bit like the below. In this example, NSWIS compete at 1pm and a future opponent plays beforehand at 9am.

Wake up and get ready for the day. Having breakfast is really important

Leave for venue

Arrive and begin setup

  • Ensure designated area is approved for filming (accreditation is displayed etc)
  • Check for obstacles (unobstructed view from walkways etc, power cables aren’t in hazardous locations)

Test of all equipment in a dry run prior to first game

Scout future opponent

  • Analyse tactical components of game
  • Identify key players
  • Produce reports to help display data for coaches/athletes

Team meeting

  • Reinforce the tactics which will be implemented by the team
  • Highlight key players from the opposition who pose a threat
  • Encourage the strengths of the team which may exploit the opposition

NSWIS vs opposition

  • Live coding/filming of match
  • Error checking, ensure data is correct before dissemination
  • Backup data to hard drives
  • Pack up all equipment

Arrive back at accommodation

Team meeting

  • Debrief the game performance
  • Present video/statistics of key insights (for example ‘goals conceded’)
  • Facilitate the discussion on tomorrow’s opponent

Staff meeting

  • Review individual player performances to assist in selection
  • Debate tactics to be used against next opponent
  • Create video packages to identify opponent’s strengths/weaknesses

Ensure everything is back on charge and ready for another day


Performance analysis is an evolving discipline where the unique skillset you bring to the team can contribute to success.


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