Expert advice for aspiring divers from Chava Sobrino

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Head Coach of the NSW Institute of Sport Diving Program, Chava Sobrino, has a wealth of experience.

An Olympian in his own right, Sobrino offers this one piece of advice to diving athletes looking to take their sport to the next level.

Be sustainable.

When you’re passionate about diving and want to improve, it can be tempting to over-exert yourself.

Perhaps you’re looking upwards to the 3m springboard when you’re not ready to progress from the 1m. Or maybe you’ve decided to do as many dives as you can in your session and haven’t warmed up properly first.

It’s important to pace yourself.

If you train too much, don’t prepare your body, if you attempt something too difficult before you’re ready, or if you’re in the gym and you lift weights that are too heavy – there’s a high chance it won’t end well.

Learning a new significant skill can involve certain indignities. Your first few new dives are very likely to be belly flops and they’ll draw the attention of almost everyone at the pool. It requires resilience to continue.

Approach your diving in a way that means you can be sustainable. Pace yourself, introduce new skills gradually and have the resilience to stick at it.


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