Expert advice for aspiring mogul skiers from Peter McNiel

Posted on November 25, 2020 by

Freestyle Moguls Head Coach Peter McNiel believes getting the basics right is key to being a good mogul skier.

“When it comes to mogul skiing, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of high quality, fundamental movement patterning in skiing, acrobatics and in physical preparation and strength development activities.

Honing your fundamentals will help you perform strongly in a way that looks good too.

“Mogul skiing is a highly technical and physical sport, that is judged by a panel of judges for technique and quality. Fundamental movement quality is essential for high level execution, both from a pure technical standpoint as well as from an aesthetic standpoint.

“The better you build your fundamental movement skills base in these three areas, the more creative you can become with your skiing and jumping, and ultimately the higher you will extend yourself in the sport.

“Do not be afraid to revisit the basics over and over, no matter how experienced you get as a mogul skier.

“The stronger and wider you build your foundations, the taller you can build your pyramid of skills.”

It’s not all about focusing on the basics. McNiel knows that enjoying the sport is important for success.

“The best mogul skiers in the world got into the sport for the shear excitement and thrill of the sport, so don’t forget to have a good time while you are building your skills.”

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Mike Haid

I simply can’t back Peter’s outline enough, having had the pleasure to watch Australia’s mogul pathway evolve over the last 14 years, the results sheets prove his point. Australia produces more elite mogul skiers per capita than most competitive countries around the world. I feel the interschools platform allows for excellent entry level introduction with suitable course specs that allows for a sold foundation. The NSW Jr series format is groundbreaking in my opinion yet it gets laughed at as way too chip simple easy by many regional organisations here in North America.
Keep doing what you do, I’m a fan and a cheerleader for spending time at the entry level and focus on the basics!

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