Expert advice for aspiring water polo players

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Water polo coaches at the NSW Institute of Sport have offered their main piece of advice for athletes looking to take their sport to the next level.

The suggestions are part of the High Performance at Home campaign, which includes a 30 minute routine for the pool which you can use if you’ve got a pool in your backyard.


Tim Hamill, NSWIS Water Polo Men’s Head Coach

It’s important in any sport to love what you do. At each training session, determine a goal or purpose and set about achieving it. Make sure you ask your coach for specific feedback for how you can get better.

Bec Rippon, NSWIS Water Polo Women’s Head Coach

For athletes looking to progress in their sport, continually challenging yourself to be better in every aspect of the game is essential. Firstly, it keeps things interesting for you, but it also helps you to become the best player that you can be.


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