NSWIS Coaches Learn from NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers

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The former Director of Performance Research and Development for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA has spent the week at the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS), sharing his knowledge and expertise in the areas of strategic planning, sport science, sports medicine, technology and innovation.

“Dave Martin in presentation mode is fabulous to listen to,” Chris Yeomans, NSWIS Senior Coordinator for Talent said following staff presentation.

“The NBA is quite far removed from our experience working in Olympic sport, so hearing about the systematic approach of setting up the team as well as the talent ID process was really interesting for me.”

Dr Martin recently left the Philadelphia 76ers after three highly successful years during which time the team saw a dramatic improvement in performance. He initially concentrated on building the 76ers sport science, sports medicine, and fitness support team to assist players to produce consistent game performances.

Once that was established, he began focusing more on technology, innovation and scientific advancements that further enhanced basketball performance through improved data collection, to better inform decision making by staff and players.

“Dave is awesome to listen to,” Rebecca Dicello, NSWIS Head Coach of Cycling Endurance said.

“I was interested in the performance management organisational focus, which Dr Martin designed, in particular the importance of the onboarding process.

“You recruit the athletes, onboard them and then they go straight into competition. It shows how much thought goes into that process. It must be seamless.”

Dr Martin spent the week at NSWIS meeting leaders in the high performance area to develop world class strategy, plus heads of department and section leads in physiology, psychology, strength and conditioning, performance health, movement science, nutrition and talent identification.

“I’ve known Dave for many years now and his technical and strategic expertise is invaluable for the NSWIS team, I invited him to visit to have a fresh pair of eyes run over our organisation to provide us with objective and meaningful feedback,” Prof. Kevin Thompson, NSWIS CEO said.

“We are working on the Brisbane 2032 Games Strategic Framework and Dave was able to provide great advice about how to establish framework pillars, key milestones and measurable outcomes as well as how to define an inclusive and holistic model of success across each horizon, for athletes, coaches, national sporting organisations and the community.”

Dr Martin began his career at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) where he worked with both Winter and Summer Olympians for 20 years and during this time served as the National Sport Science Coordinator for Cycling Australia, but also set-up and directed a fast-track Bob Skeleton program and the AIS Combat Centre.

Sport science and sports medicine expertise, methodology and technology matured rapidly within Australia following the introduction of the AIS in 1981.  For more than 40 years, the high-performance sport sector in Australia grew through many expansions and iterations.

The international success of Australian underdog athletes during this time has resulted in much international attention and widespread recruitment of coaches and sport scientists by overseas sporting organisations.

Dr. Martin has a PhD in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming and is an Adjunct Professor at ACU.

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