Short on time for a strength session? Try out this barbell complex

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Time can be seen as a limiting factor for some people when it comes to completing an adequate strength session.

The principle of a complex is to do a series of exercises with only the one piece of equipment. They are great for building strength endurance and are a great variation to include in your training throughout the year.

Using a complex, time is saved from changing equipment or weight, as well as total rest time within a session. Exercises can be swapped in or out depending on the experience of those completing the complex.

The goal of the complex below is to complete one round without putting the bar down on the floor.

Choose one weight for this complex that you could complete for the weakest of the movements.


5 x Hang Clean

5 x Push Press

5 x Front Squat

5 x Deadlift

5 x Straight Leg Deadlift

5 x Bent Over Row

5 x Push up (with bar on the floor and hands still on the bar)

Take two minutes rest.

Repeat three – five times.

You can watch an example of this barbell complex below.

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