15-minute daily flexibility routine for working at home

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High Performance at Home aims to keep the community active & healthy while working remotely.

The freshly launched initiative from the NSW Institute of Sport brings world-class, high performance expertise straight to the home.

Tailored infographics, video content and information designed to enhance the experience of those currently working from home will be shared across social media, as well as being available at nswis.com.au/highperformanceathome.

To launch High Performance at Home, our expert Strength & Conditioning department have put together a 12-15 minute daily flexibility routine which you can complete at home.


15-minute daily flexibility routine for working at home

For many transitioning to working from home, it means prolonged hours in a workspace that you’re not used to.

As healthy and active individuals we want to reduce our time spent undertaking sedentary activities and a daily flexibility & mobility routine is a great way to reduce our time spent sitting.

Daily stretching may help to improve:

  • Joint range of motion
  • Posture
  • Overall functional performance in everyday life

A stretching routine will help to break up long periods of time sitting in the one position which may help you avoid repetitive strain injuries.

Here are nine simple and effective daily flexibility exercises you could incorporate into your work from home routine. These are best completed as a continuous circuit, working for the nominated time or reps. Ensure to relax throughout all the movements, focusing on continuous and controlled breathing.


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ib rasmussen

Thank you , looks good, could you possibly use pdf for your files
easier to download.
best regards Ib Rasmussen

Jennifer Thomson

Gentle exercise for over 80’s please.


Trying to get off the screens! Please can you produce a print friendly version so I can put it up on the wall for the whole family to use?

Jake Baker

do you have any boxing based workouts for a kid who’s about to turn pro and wants an extra bit of flare on their pro debut

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