High Performance at Home

Helping everyday Australians maintain their physical and mental wellbeing at home

Join our team of world class experts as they provide a range of tips, advice and workout routines for the community.

  • Easy workouts for the home (bodyweight and equipment)
  • Strength and flexibility workouts & routines
  • Nutrition tips and meal ideas
  • Tips to stay focused and mentally healthy during COVID-19
  • Expert advice to get the most out of your exercises

Our team are utilising their knowledge and experience with some of Australia’s top athletes to provide free tips and advice in order to support the wider community currently working and exercising from home.

NSWIS Athletes are on board with High Performance at Home

Aidan Roach - Olympian (Water Polo)

Ellie Cole - Paralympian (Swimming)

Kaarle McCulloch - Olympian (Cycling)

Jessica Fox - Olympian (Canoe Slalom)

Melissa Wu - Olympian (Diving)

Erik Horrie - Paralympian (Rowing)

Strength & Conditioning Videos

Expert Tip | Phil Moreland

Full body banded workout

15 minute flexibility routine


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