A winter touch on the Australian Olympians’ Oath

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Australia’s Winter Olympians have embraced the Australian Olympians’ Oath ahead of the Beijing 2022 Games.

Following the announcement of a 44-strong Australian Team for Beijing, inclusive of 24 NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS)-supported athletes, a new video celebrating the Oath have been unveiled. The video features retired Olympic champions and the new generation of winter stars – including NSWIS’ own Britt Cox.

The Australian Olympians’ Oath is an initiative of the AOC Athletes’ Commission, which signed off on a final form of words in 2020 after consulting Olympic alumni and the AOC Indigenous Advisory Committee.

The Australian Team at the Tokyo 2020 Games (inclusive of 105 NSWIS-supported athletes) became the first to recite the Oath, now their winter colleagues will take the concept forward.

The purpose of the Oath is to provide Olympic athletes with an enduring reflection of the culture, values and unique place Olympians hold in Australian society.

AOC Athletes’ Commission Chair and two times Winter Olympian in Ski Cross, Scott Kneller says the Oath reflects who Olympians are.

“The words of the Oath are meaningful for all Olympians.  It reflects what we are all about in life and sport – the standards we set for ourselves and as Olympic Team members.

“The Winter Team has also had difficult individual journeys to qualify for these Games. The Oath is one of the important ways that they can unite and show their pride as Australian Olympians who are representing their country.

“We witnessed what this meant to the summer Team which competed in Tokyo. The way they came together – the different sports and disciplines – and recited the Oath and bonded.

“This Beijing 2022 winter Team will take this tradition forward, Mr Kneller concluded.

 A special copy of the Oath has been included in welcome packs awaiting every Winter Olympian when they arrive in Beijing.

The Australian Olympians’ Oath

For the honour of representing Australia

With acknowledgment and respect for the ancient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories

and their ongoing connection to the continent, water and seas

For the pursuit of excellence in every endeavour

With gratitude to those who make it possible

For the Spirit of sport

For my fellow Olympians whom I respect and support

Since Edwin and forever

Once an Olympian always an Olympian

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