Athletes take on push-up challenge for mental health

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Athletes from several squads at the NSW Institute of Sport are taking part in The Push-Up Challenge, a Headspace (National Youth Mental Health Foundation) initiative which draws attention to mental health.

The task is to complete 3,046 push-ups over 21 days, which reflects the number of lives lost in Australia to suicide in 2018.

NSWIS cyclists, divers, hockey and water polo players have taken it upon themselves to participate with their squads. Some athletes have even decided to complete all 3,046 push-ups individually as well as part of their team.

In 2019, NSWIS scholarship holders in the Future Matildas Program took part in the initiative and their involvement led to a nomination for the 7News Spirit of Sport at last year’s NSWIS Awards.

This year, 110 members of Team NSWIS are counting their push-ups, with the overall tally for NSWIS available here. $1,920 has already been raised, and over 8,000 push-ups racked up.

Below, hockey player Brinley Gallagher got the ball rolling with 55 push-ups in his garage, without a breather.

More information on The Push-Up Challenge can be found at

You can donate to the teams taking part in the challenge at the links below:

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