Diver Kevin Chavez retires from competition

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Olympian diver Kevin Chavez has officially announced his retirement from competitive diving, but will continue to impact diving in Australia.

Since beginning diving at age 11 in his native Mexico, Chavez has been an outstanding athlete and role model for the global diving community. The 28-year-old notched an impressive list of accomplishments, including a standout performance at two FINA World Championships and an Olympic Games for Australia.

After a successful stint in Mexico, including a medal winning performance at the FINA World Championships in 2013, injuries raised questions of a premature retirement.

However, with the help of national coach and NSWIS Head Coach Chava Sobrino, Kevin Chavez emigrated to Australia in 2015.

“Kevin is one of the most talented athletes I have ever coached, with incredible speed, very strong, yet elegant and beautiful.

“He was able to do amazing and difficult dives with incredible ease,” Sobrino said.

“He was always a team player and created great relationships within the team; he had the respect of everyone.”

Reflecting on Kevin Chavez’s career, Diving Australia General Manager Performance and Pathways, Steve Foley, highlighted his apparent effortlessness in completing challenging skills and his fierce devotion to excellence.

“Kevin is well known for his amazing strength and power on the springboard and his list of dives were often the hardest possible,” Foley said.

“One of Kevin’s great attributes was his fantastic contribution to the team and he was highly respected and liked.

A positive and excellent role model for our next generation of divers, Kevin has a gentle, quiet make-up but hidden inside is his determination, courage and ambition to be the best he can be.”

Chavez will continue to mentor the next generation of diving talent in his coaching position at the NSW Institute of Sport.

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