Domestic rowing season concludes for 2021

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The domestic rowing season has completed for 2021 and athletes from the NSW Institute of Sport have achieved some terrific local success.

New South Wales won the overall points score at the recent 2021 Australian Rowing Championships in Tasmania, thus securing the Rowing Australia Cup.

The NSW men’s and women’s squads took silver in the Kings Cup and Queens Cup respectively, and at the 2021 Australian Rowing Championships, several athletes secured gold in their events.

NSW Rowing Championships (Feb 5-7)

  • Erik Horrie – Gold in PR3 single in a time of 9:43
  • Ben Gibson – Gold in PR3 men’s single scull, PR3 men’s pair and PR3 mixed coxed four where he was joined by James Talbot
  • Tara Rigney – Gold in women’s elite single, and women’s elite double scull. The medals in the women’s double scull final also featured Harriet Hudson (silver), Kate Rowan and Rowena Meredith (bronze)
  • Harry Crouch – Gold in U23 double scull, and fourth in elite double scull
  • Oscar Williams – silver in U23 double scull, and gold in men’s elite quad scull
  • Nikki Martinic – Gold in U23 single scull and double scull
  • Alex Nichol – Gold in U23 men’s pair
  • Will O’Shannessy and Jackson Kench – Although aiming for U23 selection, raced in elite men’s pair where they placed 6th. This is significant given that the final was dominated by NSWIS NTC athletes (Spencer Turrin (gold), Jack Hargreaves & Jack O’Brien (silver), Nick Lavery & Alex Purnell(bronze), Sam Hardy (4th), Nick Purnell (5th)
  • Lauren Graham and Isabelle Furrer – Gold in U23 women’s pair and fourth in elite women’s pair
  • Nicela Martinic – Gold in U23 women’s double scull, gold in U23 women’s eight


2021 Australian Rowing Championships (March 22-29)

  • Erik Horrie – Gold in PR1 men’s single scull in a new world best time (unofficial) of 9:11.48
  • Ben Gibson – Gold PR3 men’s pair
  • James Talbot – Gold in PR3 mixed coxed four
  • Tara Rigney – Gold women’s open double scull, gold in interstate women’s single scull
  • Harry Crouch – Gold in U23 double scull, gold in U23 quad scull
  • Lauren Graham and Isabelle Furrer – Gold in women’s U23 eight
  • Alex Nichol – Gold in U23 pair, gold in U23 coxless four, gold in open men’s eight
  • Cameron Girdlestone – Gold in men’s single scull. An event dominated by NSW athletes Jack Hargreaves (silver) and David Bartholot (bronze)
  • NSW won overall points score for para events


2021 Interstate Regatta (March 29)

  • Kings Cup
    NSW placed second (silver)  Sam Hardy, Will O’Shannessy, Nick Purnell, Campbell Watts, Spencer Turrin, Alex Purnell, Jack Hargreaves, Jack O’Brien, Kendall Brodie
  • Queens Cup
    NSW placed second (silver)   Lauren Graham, Georgie Gotch, Rowena Meredith, Harriet Hudson, Genevieve Horton, Georgie Rowe, Leah Saunders, Emma Fessey, Talia Barnet-Hepples
  • Lightweight Women’s Quad
    NSW placed third (Bronze) Annalise Isaacs, Sophie Jerapetritis, Lucy Coleman, Sarah Pound
  • Lightweight Men’s Coxless Four
    NSW placed second (silver) Peter Waldersee, Wyatt Batt, Michael McCrea, Sean Murphy
  • Women’s Youth Eight
    NSW placed third (bronze)
  • Men’s Youth Eight
    NSW placed second (silver)
  • Women’s single scull
    NSW placed first (gold) Tara Rigney
  • Men’s single scull
    NSW placed second (silver)  Cameron Girdlestone
  • Women’s PR3 single scull
    NSW placed third (bronze)
  • Men’s PR3 single scull
    NSW placed fourth Ben Gibson
  • Rowing Australia Cup
    NSW won the overall points score

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