Louise Sauvage earns the Musashi Coach of the Year honours

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Paralympic legend and wheelchair track and road coach Louise Sauvage produced one of the most outstanding seasons of her coaching career and has secured the Musashi Coach of the Year award.

Despite being regarded as Australia’s most renowned Para-athlete, the nine-time Paralympic champion regards her transition from athlete to coach as a way to give back to the sport she loves.

“When I first started coaching, I honestly didn’t know if I would be any good! But I wanted to contribute back to the sport… I didn’t really know where I’d end up or who I would be coaching” she said.

The NSWIS wheelchair track and road coach works with all levels of athletes and is passionate about different athletes and disability groups.

Carrying her strong knowledge of the sport at a competitive level, inclusive of her 11 world titles alongside a swag of gold medals, Louise says her experiences have enabled her to build truly special relationships with her athletes.

“I love the racing. I love the sport. I love seeing the top end and just seeing the athleticism and how much the sport has gone on to be even quicker and faster, and the technology now” she said,

“It’s just so great still being apart of it”.

Determined not to merely rely on her experience as an athlete though, Louise worked to enhance her unique skillset with a post graduate degree in applied sciences, sports coaching at University.

Under her expert guidance, three-time Paralympian Madison de Rozario has achieved a phenomenal season, achieving two gold medals and a bronze at the Tokyo Paralympic Games and in becoming Australia’s first female Paralympic marathon champion as well as winning the New York marathon.

Madi has openly attested to Louise’s expertise as a coach, the trust and respect Louise says is incredible.

“I have a very interesting relationship with Madi and at times it’s been very fun and demanding. She challenges me all the time and I think we both grow in that. It’s been great and I hope we can get, you know, bigger, better, stronger and go even further together”.

At NSWIS, Louise works with a number of talented coaches and performance staff who she credits, for helping shape her into the coach she is today,

“I’m really privileged to be in the situation where I can go to the people I work with – their knowledge is phenomenal and I can go to them and pick their brains at any time on different things”.

Tonight, we celebrate her achievements. Congratulations on an incredible year Louise!

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