Olympic Spirit drives Tokyo athletes as the countdown restarts

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One year out from the now delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, NSWIS athletes already selected onto the Australian Olympic Team have shared their motivations for the next 12 months of preparations.

A total of thirteen NSWIS supported athletes were officially selected onto the team prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, when training continued remotely and in isolation for approximately three months.

However, following a recent return to their daily training environments, NSWIS representatives remain just as driven for the postponed event and are focused on the new target date of 23 July 2021.

Kaarle McCulloch (Track Cycling)

“I’m thankful to those who are working hard to commit to running the games in a world-first postponement. For me it keeps my dream alive of being able to represent Australia at the highest level once more, nine years from when I did it last in London. What’s driving me are those who are not giving up, battling through these tough times and showing true human resilience. That is the Olympic Spirit.”

James Willett (Shooting – Trap)

“Being selected for Tokyo is what’s driving me at the moment we don’t have any competitions in the near future so I know I need to keep training on and off the range to best prepare myself. I’ve worked very hard over the past few years after changing disciplines and gaining selection. I know I’m capable of performing at international events so I’ll continue to prepare as best I can to be ready one year from now.”

Jaime Ryan (Sailing – Women’s 49erFX)

“What’s driving me is knowing I have an extra 365 days before the Olympics to improve as a sailor. It means I can make the most of every opportunity to train and work hard, so that I can be in the best shape possible when we eventually get to that start line!”

Lucien Delfour (Canoe Slalom – Men’s K1)

“The thought of being in Tokyo, wearing the green & gold and representing Australia at an olympics for a second time. That’s what’s driving me for the next 12 months.”

Lachlan Tame (Canoe Sprint)

“The pursuit of perfection and a greater time spent as a K4 crew has me so pumped for the year ahead.”

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