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Following on from my last blog, I was awaiting selection into one of the two teams heading to Melbourne to play in a series of selection games, before heading to Hobart for the Oceania Cup the following week. I was successful in being selected in the ‘green’ team to play in Melbourne.

It isn’t often we get to tour domestically, let alone to Melbourne. Just quietly l was pretty excited. Although I’m a Sydney girl I have a heap of friends and family in Melbourne so I was also looking forward to catching up with them when and if we got the chance. Not to mention it was AFL grand final week in Melbourne. There’s nothing like finals fever, the place was bound to be buzzing.

On a serious note, the selection trials in Melbourne involved two intrasquad trial games and a third game against some Victorian Institute of Sport boys. Following the third game the Oceania Cup team was to be announced. This was to be done at 10:30pm via text. By text? Yes. By text! There is no nice way to find out about teams but this has got to be one of the tougher ways to find out. Not only the fact that, to me, a text shows no concern or feedback but more so the fact that being roomed with two other girls that will also receive the text and the possibility of one making it and the other not makes it a very difficult situation, for everyone, in or not in. But I suppose… that is sport, and a situation you just have to deal with when and if it comes around.

Unfortunately, I was one of those not selected to go to Hobart. Disappointing yes, but truthfully I didn’t play my best and as a result I couldn’t have expected to make it. Each and everyone of us are in the same situation vying for our spot in the team and a poor game can cost you your spot. A good system will reward those who play well and those that don’t, like myself, need to take it on the chin, move on and make the most of our next opportunity. And in saying that, my next opportunity comes sooner than expected. As I said I wasn’t selected to play against New Zealand in Hobart last week but I was selected to play in a home series against India and as part of a broader squad to play against China in another home series in Perth at the end of the month.

These selections and non selections just further concretes the importance of consistency for me, something I do at times struggle with. I believe consistency is a combination of experience and confidence. Experience comes with time and exposure and confidence comes with experience. Both of which require patience and persistence, these being two of my best qualities means my time will come.

Putting aside all the selection talk, I would like to introduce to you to a new innovative and exciting brand of hockey that is making an international debut in Perth this month. It is called the Lanco International Super series or Hockey 9s and is being held in conjunction with the timing of CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) from the 20th-23rd October.

This brand of hockey has been developed to attract more viewers to the sport. As we have seen with cricket and the introduction of the 20/20 game, people are attracted to short, fast and high scoring, games. So having less players on the standard size field, larger goals and position specific rules will hopefully see an exciting, high scoring game be played. This along with increased media coverage and live free to air coverage on ABC will bring more viewers and interest to the sport. Both the Hockeyroos and the Kookaburras will play against India, Malaysia, Pakistan and NZ over the 4 days. So if you get the chance tune into ABC from the 20th-23rd October and check how this new style of hockey unfolds.

Well that concludes another update from me. With plenty of games to be played throughout October and Olympic squad selections in November, my next blog will be jammed with news. Exciting yet nerve racking stuff!

’Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.’

Napoleon Hill.


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