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Let me set the scene. My name is Emily Hurtz. I am 21. Originally from Camden, NSW but made the east to west coast switch to Perth, WA in 2009 in pursuit of my passion, my goal, my dream. And what is that you ask? Well that would be to represent our country, and win gold, at the London 2012 Olympic Games as a member of the Australian women’s hockey team, the ‘Hockeyroos’.

I have been a part of the national team for the past three years. Like most athletes I have had my ups and downs. My up being the more recent 2010 Commonwealth Games in India where we, the Hockeyroos, won gold and defeated NZ in a classic Trans-Tasman final. My down being dislocating my shoulder twice in our third game vs South Africa at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, ruling me out for the rest of the tournament and requiring a shoulder reconstruction on my return to Perth.

So now nearly 12 months post operation and 11 months (not counting at all) pre London, things are sailing along faster than anyone could imagine. What we do each and every day now counts in the present but even more so it will count when we receive that phone call, email or alike that will either give you a ticket to London or not.

So where are we at in terms of our lead up? We are still a good two months out until our final Olympic squad is announced. At the moment there are approximately 50 odd girls in contention. The stakes are high. Unlike individual sports, it isn’t just a case of ensuring you qualify by running a particular time or jumping a particular distance, no, we are constantly judged in everything we do, a concept some people find hard to comprehend.

We are currently in the middle of a national camp in Perth. The majority of girls in contention for the Olympic Squad are here. Split into three teams, we play each team twice, giving ourselves four very good opportunites to show what we can do as a team, as well as individually. With a new head coach, Adam Commens, on board and a range of new speciality coaches we are all out to impress and prove we have what it takes.

Outside of the hockey world, the real world, I am busy studying. I am in third year Nursing at Curtin University. I am currently behind a couple of placement subjects as it is ridiculously difficult and stressful trying to fit four weeks of shift work into and around our training schedule. So for the time being (and as much as it frustrates me to delay it) I am doing as many theory type subjects as I can until I have the suitable time that isn’t going to jeopardise my training. So this semester I have two bioscience subjects, my favourite type of subject. It gives me a good outlet outside of hockey, keeps me balanced.

So this completes the first edition of my blog. The next few months are as busy as they get so my next write with be full of juicy hockey gossip… look out! I hope these blogs help share some inside into my journey towards selection to London 2012. Exciting times. 

I’m a quotes girl so each blog I’ll leave you with a quote that I live by and a reflection of my thoughts.

’Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’

Mahatma Gandhi



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