20 sambo combo ideas for athletes

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There are some key themes in performance eating to fuel and recover from training around having balanced meals. While it is one thing for meals to be nutritionally balanced, long-term adherence to a healthy high performance diet involves including foods that are tasty and enjoyable too.

Balanced meals and good recovery options don’t need to be anything complex or time consuming. The humble sandwich can offer the perfect balanced platform for some high fibre carbohydrates in the form of a roll, sliced bread or wrap, lean protein options both animal or plant based and salads but include a raft of options based on the combinations you use.

The ease of preparation and transportation of sandwiches make it even more appropriate for many athletes who find they regularly eat on the go to manage their busy schedules.

Below are a range of nutritious but also flavoursome sandwich filings to inspire the resurgence of a classic with healthy options that support health, athletic performance and menu variety.


20 sandwich combination ideas for athletes

  1. Tuna + mixed green leaves + drizzle of lemon with smashed avocado
  2. Roasted veggies + goats cheese + hommus
  3. BBQ chicken + homemade coleslaw with Greek yoghurt
  4. Smoked salmon + cream cheese + capers + rocket
  5. Ham + grainy mustard + iceburg lettuce + tomato + grated carrot
  6. Ham + avocado + beetroot + pineapple + cheese + spinach
  7. Pulled pork + tomato chutney + purple cabbage + red capsicum
  8. Curried Egg + iceburg lettuce + mayo
  9. Egg + hummus + baby spinach + cheese
  10. Turkey + cranberry sauce + rocket + swiss cheese
  11. Vege omlette + spinach wrap
  12. BBQ Chicken (skin stripped) + avocado + cucumber + lettuce + tasty cheese
  13. Chicken + cottage cheese + iceburg lettuce + grated carrot + Sweet chilli
  14. Morrocan chicken + tzakziki + cucumber + tomato
  15. Roast beef + English mustard + cucumber + lettuce + tomato + cheese
  16. Roast beef + mustard mayonnaise + saurkraut + pickles
  17. Tandoori chicken + mango chutney + tzakziki + baby spinach + grated carrot
  18. Falafel + babaganoush + tabouli + tomato
  19. Veggie patty + hummus + grated carrot + grated beetroot + alfalfa
  20. Marinated eggplant and zucchini + feta + tomatoes


Sandwiches are also open to modification before training times to reduce the fibre and fats in a sandwich if eating closer to activity by having a less grainy bread or reduced salad options and lower fat sauces.


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