5 thoughts for athletes firing up the BBQ

Posted on January 21, 2019 by

Many of us will be celebrating the Australia Day long weekend with a barbecue. Here are five ideas for elite athletes to make sure your meal can still complement your training regime.


1. Some meats are healthier than others

Sausages can be around 25% fat, but a lean steak or chicken breast is closer to 5-6%.

2. Even very lean meat can contribute excess kilojoules

200g raw weight of lean steak has around 65g of protein which is more than adequate for any recovery. If having multiple types of meat, reduce the portion size of each to around 80-100g to allow for a combination of protein types.


3. Cut down the need for salt and sauces

Marinades or rubs not only introduce great flavours, but can be healthier as well.

4. Kebab sticks are a great way to get some veggies onto the grill

As with any meal you still need a balance.


5. Coleslaw can be the best part of the BBQ

Purple and green cabbage add colour, but they also provide extra antioxidants and can be beneficial for gut health.



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