Nutrition Recipe: Avocado Salsa

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The NSWIS Dietitian has developed a stock of tasty, nutritionally balanced, recipes. Here is a fantastic avocado salsa:


At risk of offending some guacamole fans this is termed a salsa as it is more of a chunky ‘watered down’ version of guacamole which will be slightly less energy dense.

This helps to make a bigger volume of dip with a lower total kilojoule amount and has additional nutrients. It can be used as a dip served with plain corn chips or a pita chip, or it can be used as an accompaniment to meat, fish or eggs. Any of these ingredients can be used in any quantity as you like and doesn’t have to form a structured recipe.

Avocado salsa


  • 2 Avocados
  • 2 Regular tomatoes
  • ½ cup Chargrilled capsicum
  • 1tsp Fresh Chives, finely sliced OR finely sliced red onion.
  • ½ lime Juice and zest
  • Pinch salt and pepper


  1. Skin and seed avocados and roughly mash in a bowl
  2. Slice tomatoes and remove all seeds from inside to be left with the outer layer and inner pith (this removes any additional fluid). Then finely dice tomato into small 1cm pieces
  3. Use chargrilled capsicum from the deli or jarred chargrilled capsicum and slice into just smaller than 1cm square pieces
  4. Finely slice chives or onion
  5. Add tomato and capsicum to avocado with lime juice and zest and stir lightly to combine but not over stir to keep that chunky
  6. Top with a sliced cherry tomato and chives to garnish and it’s ready to

Alternatively you can make yourself using a grill or bbq, chargrill a capsicum till skin blisters and blackens, remover and wrap in glad wrap for a few minutes then remove blackened skin. Capsicum will be soft. Slice into 1cm pieces. Great in any salads as well.

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