Medical screening 

NSWIS scholarship athletes are required to complete an annual medical screening to clear them for participation in NSWIS sports programs. This is called the National Institute Network (NIN) Athletes Medical Screening form and is found in the NSWIS Athlete Management System AMS. Training agreement holders must complete a medical clearance form, called the NSWIS Medical Screening Questionnaire and also located on AMS. Athletes must complete their respective screening within four weeks of receiving a scholarship offer to continue to participate in training. 

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

NSWIS scholarship athletes are required to complete an ECG once on NSWIS scholarship, then every two years until the age of 25. The cost of screening ECGs is covered by NSWIS. 

Laverty is the NSWIS ECG and pathology partner. Through this partnership  NSWIS scholarship holders are entitled to ECG and pathology testing at no cost to the athlete.  To access this service the athlete must first see a NSWIS sports physician for a referral (referral from your GP or physiotherapist may attract a fee). 

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