NSWIS Lights Up

NSWIS athletes share unique stories of fightbacks, fears, sacrifices, and triumphs in a series of compelling documentaries. Each story is different, but they’re entwined by a fierce inner courage and the desire to shine on the world’s greatest sporting stage.


Jess Fox, SARAH CARLI, TIM HODGE & more…

Shane Rose OLY

Shane Rose was introduced to horse riding as a five- year-old and it was love at first ride – although, his first pony Mickey Mouse was nothing like the loveable Disney character. Horse riding comes with dangers, but Roses’s worse injury occurred out of the saddle when a young thoroughbred he was teaching to go into a starting gate, kicked out and connected with the bottom of the face. The damage was horrendous. This is the near fatal story of Shane Rose.

Tilly Kearns OLY

Inspired from a young age to represent her country in sport by her father who was an Australian Rugby Union Wallaby legend, Tilly Kearns learnt from her family that hard work and achieving quietly are important life values. Tilly shares how she fell into the deep end playing water polo, her opinions on the claws and nails and how her journey to America has paved to the Australian natinoal team. #NSWISLightsUp

Noemie Fox

Growing up with two parents who’d represented their respective countries at the Olympic Games, and a sister who was destined for greatness, Noemie Fox learnt from an early age that hard work and determination are the requirements for success. Noemie opens up about pressure, courage and her incredible dream.

Noemie Fox NSWIS Lights Up

Sam Fricker OLY

One of the greatest aspects of his involvement in diving, says Sam Fricker, is how the sport has helped him develop many qualities, including self-esteem – an attribute he says that can’t be bought. Sam talks about the importance of chipping away to realise a plan and reach a goal as well as meeting Tom Cruise and his millions of social media followers.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 13: Australian diver Sam Fricker poses during an Australian 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games swim team portrait session at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on May 13, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Eleanor Patterson Oly

Two time Olympian Eleanor Patterson talks openly about her journey from an idyllic childhood in regional Victoria to becoming World Champion in high jump in 2022. She shares a personal insight into her support network – her family, her school teacher and her coach – and examines the deeper issues of being an elite athlete by defining athletic courage, delving into mindfulness and the importance of being in the moment during competition.


Since 1996 NSWIS has made an incredible contribution to the medal tallies at Olympic and Paralympic Games.