NSWIS nutritionists are a team of accredited sports dietitians with a range of skill sets and personality traits to inspire, engage, and collaborate to deliver a diverse and complex nutrition program for high performance athletes. 

The department connects and integrates across health and performance support disciplines to collectively identify performance gaps for individual athletes and sports. From this, the accredited sports dietitian working with the sport, determines the most relevant and context specific dietary interventions to support the delivery of world class performance. 

Through group workshops and individual consultations, as well as presence at training and competitions, the NSWIS nutrition team builds relationships with athletes that afford the opportunity to provide athlete-centred, individualised nutrition solutions in a non-judgemental and motivating manner. 

Alex Natera Manager, Sport Science
Holly Edstein Sport Dietitian

Fuelling High Performance

  • Fuelling optimal training output for maximal adaptation 
  • Enhancing recovery to support consistent training performance 
  • Supporting injury and illness prevention, management, and rehabilitation 
  • Providing tailored and specific nutrition strategies for peak performance at competition 
  • Ensuring safe, effective, and relevant supplement use 
NSWIS Nutritionist consults with an athlete.