Performance Health

The NSWIS Performance Health team is comprised of sports medicine, sport physiotherapy, and soft tissue therapy practitioners. Working collaboratively, they provide world class injury and illness management, as well as risk reduction programs. The embedded practitioner model assigns dedicated practitioners to specific sports, ensuring focused and specialized care. 

Dr. Corey Cunningham Chief Medical Officer
Sean Cooney Manager, Performance Health


There is a proactive healthcare approach at NSWIS extends beyond facilitating a safe return to sport post injury or illness. Early detection and intervention initiatives are prioritised to minimise the impact on athletes’ training and performance capabilities. By implementing these strategies, performance health aims to optimise athletes’ ability to train effectively and perform at their peak. 

NSWIS physio Bernie Petzel with NSWIS water polo player.


  • Offering world class medical, physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy services. 
  • Expert injury and illness management 
  • Use of health statistics from NSWIS and national databases to design injury and illness risk reduction (prevention) programs 
  • Integration with performance team and coaches to maintain a clear focus on performance and athlete success in their sports 
  • Embedded practitioners who possess in depth knowledge of the athletes’ sport and the specific demands it places on athlete health 
NSWIS Physio and Athlete analysing results.