Sports Medicine

NSWIS Sports Medicine service provides an integral part in delivering a world class performance health offering to NSWIS athletes. The sport and exercise physicians, led by Chief Medical Officer Dr Corey Cunningham, ensures NSWIS policies and practices are current with the latest evidence meaning the athlete’s health and safety are always strongly cared for.

Dr. Corey Cunningham Chief Medical Officer
Sean Cooney Manager, Performance Health


NSWIS doctors integrate closely with all clinical services at NSWIS including physiotherapy, dietetics and psychology. Their role is to offer world class injury and illness management as a part of the wider clinical team and they are involved with the NSWIS performance health department in minimising time loss and risk of injury and illness. 

NSWIS sports doctors provide one on one consultations with athletes, and their parents when required, to give medical advice, intervention, facilitate scans like MRI and Xray as well as pathology (blood tests). An endocrinologist is also a part of the NSWIS medical team.

Dr Bryant attends to NSWIS water polo athlete.

Sports medicine practices include:

  • Medical management of injury and illness including the safe prescribing of medicines 
  • Referral for imaging including MRI and Xray 
  • Referral for blood tests 
  • Assist with injury and illness risk minimisation when the athletes are travelling for competition 
Chief Medical Officer Dr Corey Cunningham