In collaboration with AUSCycling, the NSWIS Cycling Program strives to support cycling in Australia, aiming to become the leading nation at the 2024 Paris Games while fostering sustainable talent growth.  


The NSWIS Cycling Program has emerged as a dominant force in cycling, delivering exceptional performances and achieving remarkable success on the Olympic stage. Renowned cyclists such as Brad McGee, Graeme Brown, and Stephen Woolbridge – etched their names in Olympic history winning gold at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, while more recently BMX cyclist Saya Sakakibara finished first at the Oceania BMX Racing Championships and second at the Supercross World Cup in both 2018 and 2020.  

As a nurturing ground for talent, the NSWIS Cycling Program continues to provide athletes with the platform to realise their full potential and attain outstanding accomplishments in the highly competitive world of cycling. The program’s legacy stands as a testament to its remarkable ability to produce athletes who consistently excel on the international stage. 

Bronze medallist Australia
Cycling - NSW Sprint Championships 2021 - 2


Dunc Grey Velodrome

Dunc Grey Velodrome