Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement

The NSWIS Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement (AW&E) team is dedicated to supporting the development of exceptional athletes and well-rounded individuals. Their primary objective is to assist NSWIS scholarship athletes in making informed decisions that positively impact their athlete journey, performance, and overall life. 

Cherie Nicholl Director, Corporate and Communications
Anthony Quinn Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Advisor

The NSWIS AW&E team: 

  • Assist athletes to manage their education and career goals alongside their sporting ambitions 
  • Prioritise personal and professional development by providing individual consultations and workshops that help athletes develop essential life skills and create life plans 
  • Offer access to mental health and career referral networks for support 
  • Provide transition support during various stages of an athlete’s journey, helping them navigate the challenges of both sport and life transitions 
NSWIS 2023 Valour Uniform Shoot - Kaylen Bassett