Pursu32+ is the overarching name for NSWIS ‘READY’ talent unit projects – the identification and development of athletes with the potential to succeed in Olympic and Paralympic sports and events.  

Pursu32+ diving talent program

This program is aimed at identifying the next generation of divers to train at the renowned NSWIS diving program, headed by Olympic gold medal coach Chava Sobrino. Children aged between 8-12 are invited to attend a talent testing day where they undergo a series of fitness, strength and agility tests. It is hoped the day unearths NSWIS’s next generation of divers who could go on to compete at the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

Pursu32+ RAS talent program

This is a selective talent ID program aimed at identifying, supporting and providing opportunities to aspiring talent from regional NSW. The program provides talented regional athletes with exposure to high level expertise in coaching, dietetics, nutrition, self regulation, performance planning, skill technique and body control, assisting these athletes to be NSWIS ‘READY’ to succeed on the international stage. The program is delivered in partnership by NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) and the Regional Academies of Sport (RAS).  

2023 Pursu32+ Camp 1