Corporate & Communications

The Corporate & Communications department plays a crucial role at NSWIS by overseeing and managing multiple business functions. The primary objective is to provide support to the athlete-facing staff, equipping them with the necessary tools, information, and knowledge to effectively train, and support NSWIS scholarship holders. This includes areas such as finance, people & culture, athlete wellbeing and engagement, marketing and communications, information technology, data science, and executive services and operations. 

Cherie Nicholl Director, Corporate and Communications


  • Ensures the Institute effectively manages risk and complies with relevant legislation, prioritising the safety and legal requirements of operations 
  • Assists in the efficient management of government funds, ensuring they are allocated appropriately to meet the specific needs of our scholarship athletes 
  • Brings data science expertise to sports, utilising advanced analytics to improve athlete performance and provide valuable insights 
  • Promotes the NSWIS brand through various channels, increasing its recognition and raising awareness among the general public 
  • Focuses on providing a positive employee experience, offering benefits and equipping staff with the necessary tools to perform their roles effectively