High Performance

NSWIS High Performance department works in collaboration with sport partners to deliver performance and development programs that create and deliver high performance support. This support includes, but is not limited to, services and environments that prepares athletes for international competition.  
Each program is designed to deliver on sport targets that can range from the holistic development of athletes and their progression along the sporting pathway, to winning medals at benchmark events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

The high performance team have a proven track record of success, a wealth of experience and a wide range of expertise in the administration, coordination, management and delivery of high performance sport programs.

Andrew Logan Director, High Performance
Anna Longman High Performance Manager
Vicki Linton High Performance Manager
Andy Burns High Performance Manager

Journey to World’s Best

  • Creates and manages a high performance team culture within the daily training environment (DTE) for the athletes 
  • Determines the most appropriate performance support services for each sport program and individual athlete 
  • Ensures all athletes have a nationally aligned, holistic Individual Development Plan that focuses on both their success as an athlete and life beyond their sport 
Alexie Lambert, water polo