Athlete nutrition the focus as HelloFresh partner with NSWIS

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Nutrition is at the heart of a new partnership between HelloFresh and the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS). As the leading provider in online meal delivery kits, HelloFresh joins NSWIS as a Performance Partner.

Directly supporting the NSWIS Nutrition Program, the new partnership will provide nutritional support and advice to NSWIS athletes, enabling them to eat well without the stress of meal planning or shopping for ingredients. HelloFresh is simple and easy to use, delivering nutrionally balanced recipes and fresh ingredients straight to your door, giving NSWIS athletes more time to focus on training.

The five NSWIS athletes that will join HelloFresh as ambassadors include Olympic silver medallist Melissa Wu, Olympic sprinter Anneliese Rubie, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Madison de Rozario, Hockeyroo Anna Flanagan and world champion sprint canoeist Riley Fitzsimmons.


NSWIS CEO Kevin Thompson says the new partnership will be highly beneficial to NSWIS and its athletes while helping to promote good nutrition to a national audience.

“We are delighted to have HelloFresh on board with us as a Performance Partner,” said Thompson.

“At NSWIS, we are focused on providing athletes with the best resources to help drive elite performance and in this respect, HelloFresh represents an ideal fit. Partnerships like this are vital in demonstrating how top performance and good nutrition go hand-in-hand.”


NSWIS Senior Dietitian Sally Walker says increased support for the NSWIS Nutrition Program is welcome news, with food and performance so closely linked to one another.

“Food fuels performance, so good nutrition directly supports your body’s needs to train at its best.

“The NSWIS Nutrition Program provides expert nutritional support and advice to ensure that the food athletes eat aligns with their training demands and physical goals to perform at an elite level.

“With the help from HelloFresh, we’ll be able to grow our nutrition services so that our athletes are getting even more targeted support, which should help drive world’s best performances in training and competition.”


Diver Melissa Wu is one of several NSWIS athletes who will serve as HelloFresh ambassadors as part of the partnership. “Being an athlete, it can be hard to find time between training and study to plan meals that are nutritionally balanced, quick and easy to cook but also tasty to eat.

“I really appreciate that HelloFresh takes the hassle and stress out of cooking, and I’m excited to help promote healthy eating and good nutrition for all Australians.”


HelloFresh CEO Tom Rutledge says, “HelloFresh is very proud to partner with NSWIS. It’s tremendous to receive the endorsement of their dietitian, so that we can be part of their training regime of top-performing athletes as they seek to be the best that they can be.

“HelloFresh is all about making people’s lives easier whether that’s families or top performance athletes. We want to make sure they don’t have to think about what they’re buying and cooking – they can just get on with what they need to focus on.”


HelloFresh joins the list of other NSWIS Performance Partners Musashi, Mizuno and Powerade. To support NSWIS athletes, the below unique offer code gives you 40% off your first order. Simply visit, choose the meals you want to try and submit code ‘NSWIS40’ at the checkout.


To support NSWIS athletes, the below unique offer code gives you 40% off your first order. Simply visit, choose the meals you want to try and submit code ‘NSWIS40’ at the checkout.


Melissa Swanson

This is a great idea if the family or athlete can afford it. I hope the NSWIS Nutrition Program will continue to provide free nutritional support and advice to athletes and their families.

    Hi Melissa, thank you – we think it’s a great fit! Yes, we’ll continue to provide nutritional support to our NSWIS athletes so that they can become world’s best, as well as making nutritional advise available for elite athletes on the nutrition blog. Cheers!

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