NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) supports over 450 elite athletes across 28 sports in ten separate daily training environments, and the Head of Strength & Conditioning, Simon Harries, is constantly seeking innovative solutions to support our athletes’ performance.

In this pursuit, he’s found a game-changer in BridgeAthletic—a platform tailored to the unique needs of elite athletes. BridgeAthletic serves as the cornerstone of our strength and conditioning programs, enabling the strength and conditioning staff to efficiently develop training programs and quickly customise to individual athlete needs so we can focus on coaching our athletes.  

Since transitioning our strength & conditioning programming to BridgeAthletic, NSWIS has realised several major benefits: 

Ease of Use for Coaches and Athletes 

BridgeAthletic’s intuitive interface empowers coaches and athletes alike, fostering seamless communication and collaboration. With its user-friendly design, coaches can effortlessly navigate the platform, while athletes can easily access and engage with their prescribed workouts.  

With the athletes constantly travelling domestically and internationally, the platform allows coaches to stay connected to their athletes and also allows the athletes to access their training sessions in offline mode. 

Developing Programs with speed 

Time is of the essence in the world of high performance sport, and BridgeAthletic’s program builder has been transformational in terms of efficiency. With its comprehensive movement library and customisable templates, our coaches can swiftly develop highly targeted training programs. This streamlined approach allows us to maximise every moment spent in the gym, ensuring that our athletes make tangible progress with every session. 

Customisation and Consistency 

Consistency is key to success, and BridgeAthletic allows us to maintain uniformity and precision across our entire training program. With the ability to customise movement libraries and template programs, we can ensure that athletes receive consistent guidance, regardless of which coach they’re working with or which facility they’re training in. This level of standardisation not only enhances performance but maintains the highest level of support and mitigates the risk of injury. 
Capturing Data with Precision 

Ease of data capture and reporting is an absolute essential requirement of any technology we utilise. BridgeAthletic enables real-time data capture and robust reporting for us to gain invaluable insights into athletes’ progress to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement. 

Agility on the Gym Floor: Real time Modification 

With its mobile training apps and seamless coaches app, our strength & conditioning coaches can quickly customise and modify training sessions on the gym floor, ensuring that every athlete receives personalised attention and support. Whether adjusting workload based on real-time feedback or accommodating unforeseen changes in scheduling, BridgeAthletic enables us to remain agile and responsive, maximising performance potential. 

Making the lives of our athletes and staff easier provides an advantage for all. With its intuitive interface, customisable features, and robust reporting capabilities BridgeAthletic has allowed us to maximise our efficiency in developing our athletes and pushing their performance levels.  


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