It was an impressive performance by rowers from the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) at the NSW State Championships over the weekend, with the event doubling as a key selection opportunity for Rowing Australia.

NSWIS Medal results: 

2nd: Championship women elite 8: Grace Sypher, Sammy Morton, Isabella Scammel, Harriet Hudson. 

3rd:Championship women elite 8: Zoe McKeller, Emily Shepard, Rowena Merideth, Eleanor Price. 

1st : Championship Men elite 8 : Marcus Britt, Marcus Della Marta, Will O’Shannessy, Jackson Kench, Alex Purnell, Jackson Hargraves, Jack O’Brien. 

3rd Championship women elite 8: Harry Crouch, Spencer Turrin, Alec Nichol, Alex Wolf, Brad Graham, Kendall Brodie.

1st Championships women elite quad: Grace Sypher

3rd  Championships women elite quad: Zoe McKellar, Emily Shepard 

1st Championship Mens elite quad: Harry Crouch and Alex Nichol. 

3rD Championship Mens elite quad: Henry Blackwell, 

2nd Championship Women’s Para Single Scull: Lisa Greissl 

1st Championship Womens Under 23 Pair: Isabella Scammell. 

1st Championship Men’s Under 23 Pair: Nicholas Pender 

1st Championships Womens Inder 23 single: Grace Sypher

2nd Championships Mens under 23 single: Henry Blackwell

1st Championships womens elite single: Tara Rigney 

3rd Championships womens elite single: Harriet Hudson

1st Championships mens elite single: David Bartholot 

3rd Championship mens elite singe: Marcus Della Marta.

1st Championship mens elite pair: Jackson Hardgraves, Jack O’Brien. 

3rd  Championship mens elite pair: Spencer Turrin, Alex Purnell. 

1st Championships Women’s lightweight single: Georgia Miansarow

3rd Championships Men lightweight single: Sean Murphy 

2nd Championships para double scull: Lisa Greissl 

1st championship womens elite double scull: Harriet Hudson 

2nd championship womens elite double scull: Tara Rigney, Kate Rowen 

3rd championship womens elite double scull: Georgia Miansarow 

1st championship mens elite double scull: David Barthalot 

3rd championships womens elite coxless four: Eleanor Price

1st championships mens elite coxless four: Jackson Hardgraves, Alex Purnell 

2nd championships mens elite coxless four: Jack O’Brien

3rd championships mens elite coxless four: Spencer Turrin

3rd championships mens elite  coxed four: Harry Grouch, Hannah Cowap 

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