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With just over six months to go until the Olympics begin the NSW Institute of Sport have launched their ‘Campaign Tokyo’ content, celebrating the preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

Every four years the Games provide a catalyst for NSWIS to showcase their world class athletes, coaches and support staff.

Some of the content you can expect to see on NSWIS channels over the next six months includes:


Off to the Games

A number of staff & coaches will be supporting Australian athletes at either the Olympics or Paralympics in Tokyo later in the year, and in this series each explains their role supporting Australian athletes. NSW Institute of Sport CEO Kevin Thompson will be at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in his role as Head of Performance Services with the Australian Olympic Team.



Our Olympian & Paralympian staff

Many of the staff & coaches at NSWIS are Olympians & Paralympians in their own right, and in this series they give their inspiring insights into what it takes to represent your country at a Games, as well as stories of what the athlete village is like, what to expect, and what’s changed since they competed as an athlete.



Did you know?

We love great statistics and want to share our story of the last 24 years of Olympic & Paralympic representation with you.



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