The Aussie Stingers have fallen just short of a semi finals berth, with a narrow loss to reigning Olympic champions USA overnight.

The Australians pushed the US from the get go, responding quickly to a goal by the USA’s Maggie Steffens, Abby Andrews slotted one into the back of the net to level scores early in the first quarter.

The scores were locked at 2-2 at quarter time, before the US made their move in the second to push it out to 5-3 at half time.

The US scored another three in the third quarter, and kept the Australians to zero, taking the score to 8-3 at three quarter time.

But a last ditch effort from the Aussies saw them storm home in the last quarter, outscoring the USA 6-2, falling just short by one goal. The end score 9-10.

Aussie Stingers’ Alice Williams said: “We were expecting a tough, physical game with high speed. America always comes out hard and we knew we had to match that. 

“The game got off to a solid start, we played hard and fast which matched up well against America – putting our shots away and playing active in defence. The second and third quarters got a way from us but we came back fighting in the fourth and had a ‘never say die’ attitude which we are proud of. 

“A key takeaway for us is that we are good enough to match up against any team we come across when we believe in ourselves and our systems.

“While the loss is disappointing, we proved to ourselves and the world that we’re a force to be reckoned with, so we are ready to do what it takes to secure a spot in the 5th/6th playoff game,” she said.

The Aussie Stingers will now play Canada in the 5-8 playoffs, on Wednesday 14 February at 8pm AEDT.

AUSTRALIA: 1. Gabi Palm; 2. Keesja Gofers; 3. Sienna Hearn; 4. Bronte Halligan; 6. Abby Andrews (2); 7. Charlize Andrews (1); 8. Sofie Pontre; 9. Zoe Arancini (2); 10. Alice Williams (2); 11. Tilly Kearns; 13. Gen Longman; 14. Sienna Green (2); 15. Dani Jackovich 

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