Surf & skate camp for NSWIS Winter Sports athletes

Posted on January 8, 2019 by in NSWIS News

It was an enjoyable end of 2018 for several NSWIS Winter Sports athletes, who made good use of the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre for a training camp in northern New South Wales.

NSWIS Scholarship Holders Mia Rennie, Abi Harrigan, Cameron Waddell and Matty Cox took part in the camp which focused on surfing, skating, nutrition and physical preparation. They were joined by emerging surfing elite athletes Oscar Berry and Zahli Kelly.

For these Park & Pipe skiers and snowboarders, the application of the acrobatic skills used in skating and surfing – of which the Surfing Australia HPC is a magnificent training venue for – are transferrable to their own sport.

Using the indoor skatepark, acrobatic trampoline, gym and (of course) the local surfing breaks allowed athletes to work on a broad range of applicable skills, ranging from energy generation, breathing, fitness and efficiency in movement.

NSWIS Dietitian Ashleigh Brunner ran several nutrition workshops with the athletes and Surfing Australia coach Tim Macdonald also contributed generously to their skill development in a continued preparatory push towards upcoming international tours.

Coaches David Parr and Leon Tarbotton joined the athletes at the camp, which was facilitated by Surfing Australia, Ski & Snowboard Australia, and the NSW Institute of Sport.

You can watch a video of their training camp on the Ski & Snowboard Australia Instagram:

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