The 2023 Diving World Championships Trials have concluded and delivered plenty of tight moments in the process, with Australian divers battling it out for team selection to compete at the 2024 World Aquatics Championships.

The Women’s 10-Metre Platform was a highly competitive event, with NSWIS athlete Melissa Wu, who is aspiring to compete at her fifth Olympics in Paris, just five points behind first place.

Nikita Hains, Wu and Laura Hingston battled it out, with Hains eventually securing first place on a final score of 899.20.

“Super surreal to dive alongside Mel, I think I have looked up to her my entire diving career,” Hains said.

“I’m definitely exhausted after a big few days, my body is feeling sore. It is sometimes challenging to have back-to-back competitions but I am proud of my efforts to stay confident and consistent throughout,” she said.

It was a similar situation in the Women’s 3-Metre Springboard Final, with another close competition.

Queensland-based Maddison Keeney led the way, finishing the competition in first place with 1037.30. Training partner, Alysha Koloi secured second place with a final score of 956.10.

“I’m feeling very excited and a little shocked to have achieved my first-ever second place,” Koloi said.

“I still haven’t processed the fact I might be heading to my first-ever World Championship in Doha next year.”

Koloi credited Keeney as a calming influence and assisting in her personal best performance.

“Maddi is a really big support, she is a really beautiful person. It’s nice to have her there as comfort during competition.

“Training alongside her has helped with my consistency and keeping as calm as I can on the day, making sure I have a fun competition and enjoy it.”

Men’s 3-Metre Springboard final kick-started the day with established statesman Shixin Li holding onto his position as the superior competitor for the event finishing on a total of 1377.30 points.

Li beat out NSWIS athlete Kurtis Mathews, who placed second with 1141.75.

“I feel good after today’s competition, I’m happy with my consistency,” Li said.

“I’m looking forward to our next competition in Doha, there are a few months to prepare which will be good for me.

“I have a secret weapon that I have been working on, I am looking forward to showcasing it,” he said.

The Championships came to a close with the Men’s 10-Metre Final, current World Champion Cassiel Rousseau reigned supreme and ended the competition in first place with 1493.00.

“Competing was good, it was the first competition back after Worlds. I wasn’t trying to do anything special I just wanted to see where I am at,” said Rousseau.

“I’m taking my preparation day by day at the moment, it was great to have Rikuto (Tamai) here to train with. It’s been very motivating to have different people to train with,” he said.

The Australian Diving team for the 2024 Aquatic World Championships in Doha will be announced in the coming days.

Article courtesy of Diving Australia

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