13 balanced breakfast ideas for athletes

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A ‘balanced’ meal for an athlete is hugely important for both training and competition, so it’s a good idea to know what types of things you can cook that will give you what’s required. Below you’ll find 13 excellent ideas for a balanced breakfast.

Balanced meals provide athletes with:

  • Carbohydrates for energy to help prepare and recover from training
  • Protein to help repair and replenish muscle damage
  • Fats for long term energy and joint lubrication AND
  • Vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and well

Some athletes can get stuck eating the same food combination because they know it’s good and balanced, but then they get bored of their food and lack variety in their diet.

So if you find yourself wondering what else you can eat, build your meals by including a food from each of these four key groups:

  • lean protein +
  • high fibre carbohydrates +
  • nutrients/vegetables +
  • small amounts of fats


13 balanced breakfast ideas

  1. Wholegrain/high fibre cereal + low fat milk or protein enriched milk alternative
  2. Wholegrain toast + low fat cheese – sliced, cottage, ricotta and tomato.
  3. Fruit toast + low fat ricotta or fruit yoghurt
  4. Grain toast + shaved ham + tomato and mushrooms + avocado
  5. Wholegrain toast + eggs (poached/ scrambled/boiled) + Spinach + Avocado
  6. Porridge + low fat milk or natural yoghurt + crushed nuts or pepitas
  7. Bircher muesli + natural yoghurt + berries
  8. French toast + avocado + vege sides
  9. Smoothie with fresh fruit + natural yoghurt or protein powder + spinach/kale (or any other veg)
  10. Grain toast + baked beans and slice cheese
  11. Omlette with spinach and mushrooms + toast or 125ml 100% fruit juice
  12. Grain toast + peanut butter or vegemite + a tub of yoghurt or an approved protein shake
  13. Green vege bowl with roast sweet potato and sautéed kale + poached eggs + flaked almonds


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